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Award-winning author, tutor, & book coach.

Wendy writes under 3 pen names:

Wendy Scott ~ Fantasy (for mature readers)

WJ Scott ~ Children’s (family-friendly)

Wendy Jayne ~ Other genres, short stories, & journals

Best loved award-winning books:

Lodestone, Book 1, The Witch-Hunt Series

Fantasy adventure (mature themes)

Hieroglyph, Book 1, TC’s Adventures

Historical fantasy mystery (Preteen +)

Tails, Book 1, The Silver Wishes Series

Fantasy (Preteen +)

Free fantasy book (mature themes)

Book 1, The Windflowers Trilogy.

Murder, mystery, and magic in a land reminiscent of Ancient Egypt…

Free fantasy story (family-friendly)

Gypsy Wishes, a companion story to Tails, 1st in the Silver Wishes Series.

Free fairy children’s story

Fairy Dust, Bedtime Tale #1

Mischief and magic. Tinkers and fairies. Do you believe in magic?